About Us

We are a UK based, specialist supplier of inexpensive rosary parts. rosary-making.com is part business, part apostolate. Our mission is to support the Church in it's mission of prayer. We do this through supporting rosary/chaplet makers and encouraging new rosary makers.

rosary-making.com was established in 2011 by a former member of a Carmelite Community who has had years of experience as a rosary maker. The reason she established rosary-making.com was because she and her rosary making friends all experienced problems in finding suitable parts at realistic prices in small to medium quantities. To get what they wanted they had to purchase from overseas, adding to the expense of the finished rosary. We hope that rosary-making.com resolves this problem and is able to provide a service which contributes to the mission of The Church in prayer. 

Please be aware that all photographs on this website are copyright.


The Aim of rosary-making.com


We aim to provide a friendly "one stop shop" specifically designed to meet the needs of new and experienced rosary makers.


Unlike general jewellery making parts suppliers, all our products have been selected and tested for their suitability in rosary making. Our Customers are able to buy Crucifixes and centres in any quantity at reasonable prices.

We aim to encourage and support new rosary makers, providing written instruction, advice and "tips" on all our products. 

We rely on feedback from our customer to tell us what they would like to see on the site and how they would like to see it develop.